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Today I want to explore a new psychological horror game called The Complex: Found Footage, available now on Steam. This game takes inspiration from classics like Layers of Fear and Abandoned Souls, immersing players in an unsettling, surreal environment. The Complex takes the horror genre in an intriguing new direction – into the creepy, endless rooms and corridors known as the “backrooms.” This fresh twist on horror game tropes continues in the sequel, The Complex: Expedition. I’m excited to dive deeper into this emerging horror franchise and see where the nightmarish backrooms lead.

Therefore this may not be a genre that’s known to everyone. It’s a concept for horror that originally began life as a meme. What the name backrooms refer to is the game is a series of endless rooms. It’s where you’re said to end up if you “noclip out of reality in the wrong areas”. So what is The Complex: Found Footage? Let’s look at Steam and the game itself.

The Complex: Found Footage – What The Experience Really Is

For now, it’s free on Steam so it is worth a look as you have nothing to lose. The Steam listing quotes the following as the games description.#

Experience the liminal world of the backrooms through a VHS camera, immersing into a mysterious story and wandering the dream-like structures… Might there be something following you?

The Complex: Found Footage is a walking simulator with the world being viewed through a VHS camera. Uncover a mystery that lies in the world of “The Complex”, though it may leave more questions rather than answers…

As for the game features.

  • Traverse and explore the huge, unforgiving, and mysterious world.
  • Deal with an unrecognizable entity.

Above is a video of gameplay and we can see exactly how monotonous the game world is. We also see the game is where needed incredibly detailed. The sound is also very realistic. However, the game may look detailed and high quality but it may frustrate many. So if this does half appeal, try this as it’s free. I played this for a short while and I pushed on to explore more. Though I can see why some will hate this game. Therefore I stress again, this game will need an acquired taste. It’s a style of game as I say needs to be tried first as there’s very little in terms of plot to experience.

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