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The Square Enix and Luminous merger and all their staff changes aren’t the only company going through change. Take-Two and their Private Division label have also seen restructuring involving layoffs. Now we hear that Team17 is also in a phase of a staff restructure and this again has involved layoffs. This was reported by Eurogamer which says staff has been laid off whilst the company restructures.

Team17 is a UK studio and is responsible for the iconic Worms franchise. It also seems they have just decided to make changes to their company. The staff has told Eurogamer that at 4 pm on Friday afternoon about the changes in a “mandatory all-hands meeting”. So at the time of writing just over twenty-four hours ago. According to Eurogamer, they want to move “focus further towards its publishing side, and external development of its own IP”.

What Team17 Said

Team 17 issued a statement to Eurogamer just after the staff was told of the news.

Team17 Games Label has initiated a re-alignment of elements within its studio operating business model in order to better meet the needs of our development partners and growth of our owned IP.

This could result in a small number of redundancies; however, we have a number of roles open across the Group and will be encouraging and supporting any colleagues that wish to apply.

Hopefully for the staff affected though they can move elsewhere or find a new post in the company soon.

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