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For fans of mecha-style games, they have been getting very well fed. Between the launch of games like Phantom Brigade to the upcoming Armored Core 6. However, there is another game that has gone largely under the radar. That’s the upcoming title from Bandai and GameStudio, Synduality. Well the game is getting an update and is now officially called Synduality Echo of Ada.

The game was originally announced last year during Bandai Namco’s Tokyo Game showcase. It was a surprise that had people feeling excited. The sci-fi title used the prolific quote of the prolific writer Arthur C. Clarke, “Technology so advanced that it becomes indistinguishable from magic.”

The story will follow the tale of humanity and its close association with Ai in the future. Following a human drifter named Alba Kuze, the pilot of the Cradle Coffin known as “Bowie Rabbit.” Alongside him, he has his magus, an Ai, known as Ada.

The game follows and explores many of the themes and relationships between humans, Ai, and technology; similar to that seen in the Titanfall series, namely Titanfall 2.

The trailer providing more info on the game can be seen down below:

Not only is there going to be the game but there will also be an anime alongside the game. The anime will be titled Synduality: Noir, which you can also watch below:

Anime Trailer

As you can see Bandai is busy with many titles coming soon. There is no release date for Synduality Echo of Ada as of yet. However, the game will be launching on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC on Steam.

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