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Capcom’s countdown has ended and we fans were excited to see the highly anticipated Street Fighter 6 was revealed. However, there are a lot of fans who are seemingly unhappy with the new logo design.

Street Fighter 6

The logo was an interesting choice as it varied from previous logos though it could be a placeholder at this moment in time. But the logo has since proved controversial as it seems Capcom didn’t do much work on their Street Fighter 6 logo for the reveal. So this logo has been shown to be similar to an Adobe Stock image. The person who designed this image also told IGN they want to sell it for Capcom to have exclusive rights.

The story behind it all

It was originally pointed out by Creative Director Aurich Lawson via Twitter. They also added that this  Adobe Stock image created by xcoolee is available for $80. But if he does sell rights to Capcom, what happens to those who’ve purchased it already?

IGN reported as well that the “design is available as an Adobe Illustrator file”. With Adobe Stock licenses allowing ” modification in commercial use”, Capcom could have altered the file for their Street Fighter 6 logo. The main additions are the alteration of letter F and the number 6 added to the design.

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