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So, before you know it, September will be over, and October and Halloween will be here. We began September with no information on two potential Halloween games. Stray Souls and Silent Hill 2 are two examples. However, gamers are already well aware of how jam-packed that month is for games. We’ve already seen October release dates shift to help relieve congestion and give us more time to play each game.

Within the space of a week, Spider-Man 2, Alan Wake 2, and previously the reboot for Alone in the Dark are launching. We also have Assassins Creed Mirage and Lords of the Fallen. Warhammer 40,000 Darktide is also hitting Xbox at the start of the month. We also have Forza, Sonic Superstars, and Cities Skylines 2. With an upcoming release for the console, Phasmophobia adds a horror element to the month as well. Alone in the Dark for the simple reason of too many great games releasing around the same time is being delayed until January 2024. So the last thing gamers wallets need is another October title.

Since its reveal, Konami and Bloober Team have remained silent on the upcoming remake. In fact, Bloober Team remade their Layers of Fear games and combined them into one package with new content in Unreal Engine 5. That’s the engine the October remake of Slender The Arrival is using. As for Stray Souls, we can now narrow it down from our past coverage of the initial window of Autumn/Fall. However, if you have this on your list of must-buy games you may encounter another problem.

Stray Souls Release Date

It’s received a new trailer and has a release date, Stray Souls is set to come on Halloween. So that week leading up to Halloween we now have three horror games. The Phasmophobia console release is due on the week of Halloween. Alan Wake 2 is now releasing on the 27th after being delayed. Now Stray Souls sits bang on Halloween. So, this October, you can truly end the month with some good old-fashioned creature-filled jumpscares.

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