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We have an update on Insomniac’s upcoming Spider-Man sequel, Spider-Man 2. To recap, this game will feature both previous web-slingers – Peter Parker and Miles Morales – teaming up together. The threat comes from classic Spider-Man villains Kraven the Hunter and Venom. The last announced release date was October 20th, which hasn’t changed. However, Spider-Man 2’s release date has seemingly affected the releases of Alan Wake 2 and Alone in the Dark, pushing them back.

We can provide some new details on the superhero adventure though. YouTuber Caboose, who has had a chance to play Spider-Man 2, discovered a fall damage option in the game’s settings. Unlike the original Spider-Man game, fall damage will be a toggleable feature rather than mandatory. This means players can choose whether or not Spider-Man takes damage from falling from great heights.

The Rest Of The Spider-Man 2 News

So we have more news on the game. This is regarding the release date. However, fear not spidey fans. The game’s release date has thankfully not changed.. This came with good news with a recent announcement. So let’s hand you over to the game cast.

Yes, the game has gone gold so should be ready for a month’s time. That won’t mean the team at Insomniac will be doing nothing. The game is ready for the public to play but they will use this month to polish the game and remove any bugs they encounter in the process. However, it does mean the hard work is now done. What about your thoughts? Were you a fan of the original game and eagerly await the upcoming sequel? It’s a game I can’t wait to play. We do know it offers ray tracing no matter the graphic mode you choose.

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