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Sperasoft, a Keywords Studiois collaborating with 343 Industries and Xbox Game Studios to develop Halo Infinite. Halo Infinite is the next chapter of the legendary Halo franchise. Chief Commercial Officer at Sperasoft Denis Larkin put out the following statement –

It’s an honor to contribute to the most famous FPS series in the world and to support the next generation of the Halo franchise. Our development teams are thrilled with our 343 Industries collaboration on the anticipated upcoming release: Halo Infinite”.

Sperasoft specializes in co-development and has been supporting the biggest names in AAA game development with their projects for over 16 years. The Silicon Valley team has been providing world-class expertise and resources in everything from engineering solutions to games design. For Halo Infinite, the Sperasoft team with be working 343 contributing to the game’s content across multiple development mandates, developing components of the game and experience Halo Infinite was originally shown to gamers at E3 2018. Additionally, we were shown the 8-minute gameplay demo above during the Xbox Games Show in June. In which we were blessed with the all mighty Craig meme. Additionally, Microsoft and the Xbox team announced that Halo Infinite multiplayer will be free to play. As of the writing of this article, it is yet to determine if those who play the title on Xbox hardware will have to be subscribed to Xbox Live Gold to have free access to the title. Tell us your thoughts on Sperasoft Working With 343 Industries in the comment section below.

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