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A month ago on October 23rd, a trailer for the new zombie’s mode “Onslaught” dropped. The way this news was revealed to everyone was pretty funny. PlayStation Europe posted the trailer for what they thought was Fallout 76, however, they instead uploaded this now officially posted trailer. Onslaught is a new mode where they’ve turned all the Multiplayer maps into 2 player co-op Zombies maps. The story explanation here is that Reqiuem is sent to investigate a disturbance. Inside the map, they discover a mysterious glowing orb that unleashes a never-ending horde of zombies. If you’re on Xbox that sounds awesome right? Yeah well, it’s already out on PlayStation and it’s exclusive until at least November 1st, 2021. Sony, year timed exclusives are beyond petty at this point. Sony timed exclusive Onslaught mode

How it started.

I get that Xbox had DLCs a month earlier on CoD and it was on all the good CoDs too, (until Advanced Warfare, we don’t talk about those days) but it was only a month. Literally 30 days then we all could all be playing the DLC. Honestly in my opinion it was a sweet deal for Playstation players. The Xbox community would practically beta test Multiplayer maps to find the best strategy, and by the time Playstation got their hands on the new Zombies map, all the tutorials were already out. The final DLC would release 3 months before the new game on Xbox and 2 months before on Playstation. That still allowed time for those players to enjoy it before moving on.

How it’s going.

The jump from a month to a whole year began, at least when I noticed, on the release of Destiny. An entire strike, gear, and usually an exotic were constantly a year out of Xbox players’ hands. Sometimes this wasn’t that bad, strike sucked, or the exotic was a pea shooter, but other times I’m waiting a whole year to get my Flayer’s cloak. It really bothered me as someone who paid the same price as someone on Playstation to get less content for a game. However, at least Destiny lasted longer than a year. It’s not a series that gets a new addition every 12 months, but CoD is. Explain to me how I’m supposed to enjoy Onslaught if by the time it comes out I’m already on to the next game? And now that Black Ops Cold War has been out for about 2 weeks I can already see a problem with Zombies. There’s one actual map and then Dead Ops. It would be nice if I could offset my 20th straight game of Die Maschine with a couple of goes at Onslaught but I just have to play the map into the ground until I’m bored cause I made the cardinal sin of having a preference. They also alienated us from fully being cross-platform as part of the game cannot even be accessed. I hope that they drop this year wait period in the future. An entire game not existing on one platform is one thing, but the content on a game across platforms not existing is too far. Sony, year timed exclusives are beyond petty at this point.

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