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Sony has the blueprint majority of gamers are going for at the moment. Sony & the PlayStation seems to have the pulse of various gaming communities around the world as in what to show and when to show it. They have laid out the blueprint for Microsoft and Xbox, it’s up to the Xbox team to follow it.

Sony Path Made

bright memory infinite Take my word for it when I say I am not advocating for the Xbox team to just simply copy every move PlayStation makes. That would not be much fun and would stifle competition. However, when it comes to laying out your road map and showing gameplay Xbox needs to be an exact replica. The May 7th Xbox event was hyped up to be a gameplay showcase for the Xbox Series X, but it was not as advertised. Clearly Microsoft let everyone know it was a 3rd party event, but there was a cross in communication on what it means to show gameplay. Yes, there were a few like Bright Memory Infinite that did show gameplay but it was few and far in between.


Halo Infinite Obviously all is not lost. Microsoft has a big opportunity in front of them with their July event. Per Xbox, this event will showcase what their 15 first-party studios are up to. This is a time to not just put together cleverly crafted CGI trailer but actual gameplay. Fans want to see what HellBlade 2 looks like running on the Xbox Series X. Let us see what we will actually experience when we boot up the game. Give the fans a first-hand look at whatever game The Initiative is making with actual gameplay running on the Xbox Series X. Gone are the days where gamers can be wooed by pretty set pieces. PlayStation has figured this out and I truly believe Xbox has now as well. It’s time to show it.

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