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In the world of online webcomics, there are many notable ones that have become huge. These Korean manhwas have become cultural phenomenons Thanks to Webtoons, Tapas, Tappytoons, and many others. Much like how manga had become massive across the world. One that has stood above its modern contemporaries is Solo Leveling. For fans of the series they just got a major tease for the Solo Leveling anime premiering next year.

Solo Leveling is seen as one of the manhwas that helped to start the craze around necromancers. As well as been praised for its detailed art style as well as its story writing and fight scenes. In this trailer, it shows that there is no holding back on its animation level.

As you can see the first look at the show is not holding back. It seems Crunchyroll is all in on it. As well as the first look at the grinning god is as terrifying in this anime as it was in the manhwa. So if fans are wanting a very dark fantasy series. One that treats the world we know as if it was incorporated with a video game this is a must-watch.

The Solo Leveling anime will be premiering in January 2024 during the winter season. So tell us are you going to watch the Solo Leveling anime, have you read the webcomic let us know down below.

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