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    Today, Sokpop Collective announced a new schedule. Previously, they released two games a month but after three years the group decided to make a change. They discussed a new schedule during their three year anniversary stream back in January. Now it’s confirmed that starting in March; Sokpop Collective will release one game a month.

The members of Sokpop Collective

Sokpop Collective’s Announcement

    Sokpop Collective is a group of four guys from the Netherlands. they’re known for releasing two games per month. But today, Sokpop Collective announced that starting in March, they will release one game a month. In a tweet made by Sokpop, they said that starting March there will be one game made per month. They also confirmed that their Patreon games will stay $3 a month. On the other hand, new games on Steam will now cost $6 instead of the original $3. 

    On their Patreon, they mention that this was not just their decision but they had input from fans with a poll to decide the new pace of games. As well, the rise of the game’s price is because of how much time the games will take to make. They will not be as simple as their previous games, as they’ll have more times in between publishing a game. In the same post, they mention that they’ll be able to take on bigger projects giving an example of Sok-stories for mobile. 

Screenshot from Rock Paper Sock, a game from the current season

The Response from Fans

    Fans of the group are excited for this new chapter. Many have shown support for the Sok-stories for mobile, and some want them to do more polished games and not to overwork themselves. With over 80 games released, Sokpop Collective is ready to start a new chapter in March and the fans are excited for this new announcement. 

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