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The Silent Hill 2 remake is a title many fans are eager to see more information about. We’ve seen an announcement trailer and a short gameplay trailer. However, could a release date be gearing up to be announced? The upcoming remake we know has received at least one rating, from the Korean ratings board. Now some news has come to light and it could be good news for fans of the franchise.

Well, it seems if one leak is accurate we can get a clearer picture of when the game is going to be available to play. This isn’t the first game to be leaked by a retailer ahead of its official reveal. We saw the recent S.T.A.L.K.E.R trilogy leak early because of a store. For the Silent Hill 2 Remake, a few sources including Metro have reported a release date that has been found on a Mexican retailer’s website (which has now been removed). So let’s look more into what has been found on the horror remake from Bloober Team.

Silent Hill 2 Set To Arrive Soon

The good news is if the release date that’s been spotted is true then we are very close to release. The retailer had listed the game for 30th May which would make sense with the game receiving a rating. Now, Fangoria quoted the developer’s CEO when they reported in March of last year the game was “technically ready” and was close to being fully finished.

Remember this is all a rumor and the release date could be a placeholder. The date given in the Metro highlight is on a Thursday and placeholders are normally the end of the month or in some cases the end of the year. However, this could be very well a legitimate release date. We do recommend taking this news lightly until the time we get official confirmation. If this is accurate that reveal shouldn’t be too far away. In the meantime, you can still play the original which we recently revisited when the remake was officially confirmed.

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