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Horror fans may want to pay attention as we have another horror title to bring to your attention. The game is being developed by indie studio Firenut Games and called Shines Over: The Damned. So what do we know about the game? We get told from the trailer description that it will be a “unique adventure experience where your senses will be tested and your reality questioned”. Players then need to immerse themselves into a “mysterious and terrifying world where scares, tension and environmental puzzles surround you, and danger lies in wait”. If that doesn’t sound scary enough, the game will provide you with no weapons.

Well, there is a first look at their upcoming horror where you and your trusty dog face it alone. Eurogamer also picked up the story and they’ve reported on what Firenut Games have said about the world we face. So according to them, we can expect to see environments that are said to be beautifully created. They also state that in Shines Over: The Damned we can experience high-tension exploration as well as first-person puzzles and jump scares.

Shines Over: The Damned Release Information

Firstly when can we see the game and experience this next instalment into the horror genre? So all we have is a release window according to the Eurogamer article as the trailer states coming soon. The window given would back that up as the period stated is Spring so within a few months. Now for the release platform, we see the game is only slated for release on PlayStation 5. I saw no listing on either Steam or Epic storefronts and the trailer states exclusive to PlayStation 5. This could be a decision that may upset a few people, it’s a similar scenario console-wise to what we saw when the Silent Hill 2 remake announced, As always we love hearing your thoughts so please get in touch and share them with us.

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