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Frogwares has recently given us Sherlock Holmes Chapter One. Although, the planned Xbox One version as we know was canceled, and the PlayStation 4 version was finished. However, being a Ukrainian studio and based in Kyiv, Frogwares found development was affected greatly by the ongoing conflict.

It seems Frogwares isn’t quite finished with the world’s most famous detective. The Kyiv developers are planning on bringing us Sherlock Holmes The Awakened as well. Some of you may recognize the title, that’s because Frogwares released the title back in 2007 for PC as well as Nintendo Wii. This new release will be a full-on remake. For those unaware, this is billed as Sherlock meets Lovecraft and the new trailer can be seen below

Sherlock Holmes And What We Know

So it is no secret it is uncertain times for the studio due to this conflict, so they are inviting fans to back the game and buy it now via Kickstarter. This is what they said.

A big part of why we are bringing the game to Kickstarter is we have a substantial group of dedicated fans who enjoy and support our games and want to help us as best as they can right now. Through this campaign, we can offer these fans the chance to buy our next game now, and be rightfully credited for their support in the game itself while also helping to determine some of the game’s final content and giving them a few extra rewards and bonuses.

What Is Being Changed

They state the game is a “full-scale remake where the only assets from the original game we are using are the general case plots.” The major changes are listed as follows

  • All new graphics and asset models
  • New animations
  • New cutscenes
  • Additional investigation gameplay mechanics
  • Rewriting the story to connect with the case from The Awakened to a younger Sherlock
  • Amplifying the story behind how Watson and Holmes came to be so close
  • Case story rewrites
  • Additional side quests
  • New English voice over recordings and translations into multiple languages
  • UI overall haul
  • Change to 3rd person perspective camera
  • Additional quality of life features

Furthermore, Frogwares is clearly working diligently and seriously on the remake of this game. Also, since they were asked which platforms the game would be released on next year, we also know which systems will receive this remake.

The game is coming to PC (Steam, Epic Games Store, GoG, Gamesplanet), PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

So were you a fan of the previous games with Holmes? If so will you be interested in backing this one on Kickstarter? As always we’d love to hear from you. So whatever your take on this, why not share your thoughts with us?

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