Sci-Fi Puzzle Platformer Seed of Life Landing on Steam

Leonardo Interactive, a new publishing label, and developer Madlight Studio have announced that their futuristic, third-person, sci-fi puzzle-platformer, Seed of Life, will arrive on PC via Steam next year. Check out the announcement trailer below.

Daniele Falcone, General Manager at Leonardo Interactive issued the following about the title:


We can’t wait for fans of platformers and action-adventure games to begin their journey in the world of Lumia next year. We’re working hard to make sure our wonderfully strange universe filled with intriguing mysteries, cool abilities and imaginative extraterrestrials is properly brought to life soon.

Seed of Life Key Features:

Triple-A Quality Graphics
Explore a breathtaking sci-fi universe set in a dystopian future. Seed of Life features beautiful graphics and a unique art style where bright colors meet complete darkness.

An Emotional Journey
Seed of Life is a story-driven game with a dramatic, engaging story full of mysteries to be revealed that will keep you curious and excited to discover more.

Gameplay Focused
This adventure is packed with RPG elements, puzzles, and dangerous creatures. Find Talisman capsules to learn new abilities, collect Lumium to upgrade, and strategically use your items to defy gravity and overcome different challenges.

Stealth Combat
Escape from Namurian Shadows roaming the land in search for the remaining Lumium

A World to Discover
Explore a beautiful and vast labyrinth-like semi-open world where secrets are hidden in every corner and environmental challenges will test your skills. Navigate dangerous paths, clear objectives, and find interest points. There’s always something new to uncover!


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