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You may have missed it but we have a sequel to My Time At Portia on the cards. That game is the sequel set in the same universe and is called My Time At Sandrock. The description of the original game for those that have missed this franchise is described as a “simulation RPG game developed by Pathea Games”.  It’s set in a post-apocalyptic world where we have few humans left. The sequel is currently available on PC in the form of Early Access which we reviewed here.

The game started life like its predecessor as a Kickstarter and it was originally planned as DLC for Portia. Though as we see from the Kickstarter they had to start from scratch as they wanted to really take the story further and needed to improve everything to fully do that. The Kickstarter also tells us that “My Time at Sandrock will release on Steam Early Access in March 2021”. That release date for Early Access was pushed to last year with it coming on the 25th of May. The schedule says Spring last year it will leave early access and console versions in the Summer.

My Time At Sandrock – What Happened To The Console Ports

We know they are scheduled and IGN has multi-console platforms listed. The most definitive confirmation is a Summer console release for the Switch which has recently been confirmed. We even have a new trailer as part of a Nintendo Direct.

So we are closer to some console news for this sequel. With a Switch port on the cards, it should be achievable that Xbox and PlayStation platforms get the game also. As I watched the Direct I saw a few games with just PC and Switch platforms listed so we may have to wait and see what happens with other platforms


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