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LV1 Gaming was on the expo floor at PAX East 2024 and had the pleasure of checking out Robots At Midnight. Developed and published by Finish Line Games this action-adventure RPG title stood out in the PAX Rising area of PAX East. In this title, you take control of Zoe, a young and scrappy hero on a journey to learn her past while saving the future. Check out our interview with the CEO of Finish Line Games Daniel Posner Below.

Robots At Midnight PAX East 2024 Interview


  • Real-Time Intense Combat
    • Find your fighting style as you battle robots, manage your stamina, and perfect your skills and strategy. Test your scrap “metal”!
  • Explore and Uncover Deep Lore
    • What would you do if you woke up in a completely new world?
      Help Zoe discover what happened and learn more about the world of Yob.
  • Dynamic Movement, In and Out of Combat
    • From climbing and jump boosting to dodging and flipping, use unique paths and strategies for exploring the world or getting the upper hand in combat. Harness the power of your space-gauntlet, known as The MITT, to boost, punch, and kickoff objects and enemies!
  • Robots in All Shapes and Sizes
    • Whether an unlikely friend or a formidable foe, you’ll discover a variety of robots throughout the world. Each robot has its own strengths and weaknesses for you to discover.

If you enjoyed Kena: Bridge of Spirits you will immediately see the spirit of that game in this title. The world looks beautiful and Zoe is a character you will find yourself easily cheering on. To learn more about Robots At Midnight follow all of the Finish Line Games socials and consider joining the official Discord. For more PAX East 2024 coverage make sure to check out LV1 Gaming’s Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube Channel.

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