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In case you missed it the team behind Terminator Resistance has turned their hand to another Sci-Fi classic as they are about to launch Robocop: Rogue City. This new FPS is set to release on November 2nd on next-gen consoles and PCs. Therefore if you’re on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One you will sadly miss out on the return of Officer Alex Murphy.

Footage Captured from PC demo

Users on Steam can also try out the demo which is available right now and takes up close to 50 GB. I did try installing the demo even though I’m below minimum requirements and got the game running on the lowest setting. There has been a new trailer announced giving details of a deluxe edition of the game which we can see below named the Alex Murphy Edition.

Dead Or Alive You’re Coming With Me, Robocop Ready To Take The Streets

Fans can now preorder the game as you may have guessed. The game is available in a standard edition and deluxe edition which is the Alex Murphy Edition. If you preorder either you get the blue version of his armor as seen in the second film. Though you also get a “Pitch Black” version of Murphy ‘s Auto-9.

For those who grab the ”Alex Murphy” Edition, you get a little bit more for your money. The main attraction is 48 hours early access. However, you get these included as well.

  • The ”OCP Shotgun” side arm
  • The hero’s damaged armor, taken from the first RoboCop film (cosmetic)
  • The ”Prototype” version of the Auto-9 gun (cosmetic)

This edition also contains a digital artbook which offers “100 pages of images, with comments from the game developers”. This is the information on the Xbox store. If you want to preorder the game then the standard is going to cost you $59.99/£49.99. The Alex Murphy Edition is $69.99/£59.99. The UK price on the PlayStation Store for the Alex Murphy Edition is £54.99.

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