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It is upon us the glorious return of Leon’s amazing trip to Europe to look for Ashley. That’s right, the remake of the classic Resident Evil 4 is officially here. Hopefully, if you don’t want to see anything outside of the Chainsaw Demo that was available you’ve avoided the many spoilers. That spoiler dump was unfortunately due to copies supposedly being sold early according to a Resident Evil insider known as AestheticGamer or as most know them, Dusk Golem.

They have been proven to be an accurate source for all things Resident Evil in the past. Meaning when they bring a story forward it’s worth paying attention to. It seems that Dusk Golem may have another source for us with the potential leak regarding the loved Resident Evil 4. Let’s see what’s causing a sir with Capcom’s iconic survival horror series. Once the remake of Resident Evil 4 launched we know it is to be supported by the PlayStation 5 VR 2 headset. The game gets the Mercenaries mode as well to add on top. However, he posted a Tweet talking about Separate Ways a potentially paid DLC. If we look at his tweet below it seems the remake is getting some paid DLC after the game launches.

When the game originally launched in 2005 it was a Game Cube exclusive. When it eventually arrived on the PlayStation 2 several months later, new content was added. The largest of these additions was content known as Separate Ways DLC based around Ada Wong’s involvement during the events of the game and she was a playable character. Since it was first ported the Separate Ways content has been featured in every other release of the game at no cost. Though now it seems it will be paid DLC for the remake. However, this has yet to be confirmed or denied by Capcom at least at the time of writing this.

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