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Ed Boon Teased us all last week with the gameplay of Rambo in Mortal Kombat 11. He finally delivered with a meaty trailer showing off his mechanics. Rambo can zone players and also close the gap quickly. He gets up close and personal with his combat knife. The fact that he can literally crawl under projectiles and reach the enemy makes him such an exciting option. The trailer below gives us all his tricks traps and bloody fatality. The variety of attacks along with fan service helps make this character a very sought-after fighter. I for one would love to have the Terminator vs. RoboCop vs. Rambo. NetherRealm knows how to feed our nostalgia fix. I wonder what other pop culture icons make it into the next Kombat pack? Maybe we get a Judge Dredd or Rocky addition? Maybe too much Stallone? There is never too much Stallone. Until then keep a Lookout for Kombat Pack 2 releasing on November 17, 2020. Till next time, Keep Fighting my friends! Follow me on Twitter:@strayrelay for my thoughts on Magic the Gathering, obscure anime fighting games, and the occasional Spotify playlist. as well as check out the weekly Fight news on Fighter’s Corner here on

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