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I recently shared a few tips for making Rainbow Six Siege sessions go more smoothly. However, at that moment, we were in year 8 and had no idea what would come next. Recently, we got a preview of what year 9 will bring with a trailer showcasing the next new operator. Let’s see what Ubisoft has planned for the start of the new year.

In Operation Deadly Omen, we have a new operator as well as the title for Year 9 Season 1. According to the description, the “masked antagonist Deimos” will join as a playable Operator in Operation Deadly Omen at the start of year 9 of Rainbow Six Siege. His DeathMark device can detect and track a Defender’s whereabouts, and his deadly Vendetta pistol with a specific sight gives him the power to kill his prey.” So we know we have another year of material for the famous shooter. However, after Year 9, we hope to have some news.

The Future of Rainbow Six Siege

This last piece of information was reported by Eurogamer. Alexander Karpazis, the game’s creative director, announced the 2024 Siege Invitational in Brazil. Their tactical shooter appears to be staying put for the foreseeable future. In truth, there are no plans for a sequel. They believe that other live service games have fallen short, and they would rather improve their existing title than create a new one. Karpazis believes that for a live service PvP shooter, they have “probably one of the best engines in the world”. I’m sure many fans would question that claim. Regardless, it’s difficult to say anything but that the game has been a huge success.

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