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Thank you to Micah & Noah of Teamkill Media, we were able to sit with them to talk about their new title Quantum Error. This story-driven first and third-person cosmic horror shooter is set to release soon exclusively on the PlayStation 5. According to Teamkill media, Quantum Error, was built with PlayStation 5 in mind due to its fast SSD speeds and haptics built into the controller. While it is initially only releasing on PS5, Xbox fans should know that an Xbox Series X|S version is on the way.

During the recent interview, Teamkill Media was asked if there was an update on the Xbox version of the game. When asked when are we going to see Quantum Error on Xbox or if they had a timeline or scope of when we may see it on Microsoft’s platform President and Lead Developer Micah responded with the following:

Yes and no, right now becaue of the Playstation 5 release things have been slower working on the other ports. They are still being worked on, its complicated because the PC version is gonna use a lot of Nvidia stuff so we are playing around a lot of stuff that is pretty new and looks amazing.

LV1 Gaming Interview

He goes on to say:

The Xbox version, like on Xbox Series X the game performes identically, runs same frame rates, same resolution and runs good. Loading is slightly noticeable due to the SSD being a little slower. So going between certain areas you do notice a hitch. We have done pretty much everyting we can we are just kind of at that point. The main things holding back Xbox is the S. As good as I can get it on X and the X is amazing the S is so far under that console that it makes it………I dont like the way it looks.

Lv1 Gaming Interview

Quantum Error On Xbox

Xbox gamers should take pride in knowing Teamkill Media Lead Developer goes on to reiterate that they do not want to release an inferior version for Xbox Gamers. In particular, the team mentioned that they do not want to release a game just to get your money. This team wants Xbox gamers to not have a lesser experience than those on the PlayStation 5. Their goal is to give everyone a quality experience and will continue to work hard until they figure that out. It’s worth noting that this is why the PlayStation 4 version of the game was canceled as it would not have been anything like the PS5 version.

So for Xbox players, there is no timeline on when the Xbox version will be released, it will be ready when it’s ready. According to the developers once they are able to get the hang of the Xbox Series S gamers on that platform will be able to experience Quantum Error.

Quantum Error will be released digitally on November 3rd on PS5 for $59.99 and physical copies can be purchased on November 10th in the United States. You can watch the full interview with Teamkill Media below.

2 thoughts on “Quantum Error Developer Talks Xbox Version Of The Game

  1. E Carey says:

    Considering the consistently awful reviews, maybe it’s best to not bother releasing the garbage game on XBOX at all. They’ve bashed the S multiple times, so they’re just trying to divert attention away from how bad the game really is on ALL platforms.

  2. andrewsqual says:

    Seems legit. Its not exactly like Phil and Xbox has any series s/x only games to prove otherwise.
    Redfall, Starfield and Forza 8 are all major letdown visually in one way or another. They SHOULDN’T be but there is no denying that they are.

    And that could be all put on series s. After 3 years you’d think they would have ONE game that blows the heads off the games industry that is a current gen game only? But they don’t.

    So yeah, series s is a serious problem for devs and there is nothing current gen only out there for it that proves otherwise (no, cross gen games that can run on the 2013 Xbone, most certainly do not count).

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