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Epic Games introduced their new Unreal Engine 5 just over two years ago. Since then, we’ve seen an outstanding playable demo based on The Matrix, and the upcoming Witcher and Tomb Raider titles will also make use of Unreal Engine 5. The Day Before was postponed owing to the move to Unreal Engine 5.
As a result, we are seeing studios begin to use the engine. Following in the footsteps of these games comes Project M, a little-known title.

Most people will be unfamiliar with Project M, and the same can be said for the developer. NCSoft, a South Korean company, has moved on from games like Lineage and Guild Wars to something new. So, in the trailer below, have a look at Project M.

As previously stated, the game is being created in Unreal Engine 5. The clip does not indicate the platforms for launch. However, we may anticipate PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5. NCSoft is aiming for ultra-realistic aesthetics, and judging by the clip, the signals seem encouraging.

NCSoft has published a blog post as well as the trailer. They are using 3D scanning, motion capture, and special effects to develop Project M. As a consequence, the remarkable character design speaks for itself. The gameplay is pretty much what we’d expect from Quantic Dreams, and the clip appears to be on the PlayStation 5. This is based on the button prompts displayed in the QTE. This is not to be confused with Hound 13’s action RPG of the same name, which is presently under development.

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