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The games coming out from solo devs recently have been staggering in the work they can achieve. From works like Bright Memory: Infinite to the most recent Mortuary Assistant. And we got our first look at the Project Gray prototype trailer from a single Korean dev.

In the trailer, we are told that the release of this prototype trailer is to help potentially find more help. The developer is hoping to attract more talent to help work on the title. In the nearly 16-minute gameplay, we see a glimpse of combat, traversal, and open-world activities. We see that the protagonist fights using a club and bow and arrow while having access to some technology from the aliens. As well as even leading an assault on a gray ship.

Here is a brief description of the game:

Project Gray is an open world action-adventure game in which the story begins with the appearance of an advanced alien civilization called ‘Grey’ on the planet ‘Asirma’. The player is the native ‘Galoso’ of Asirma, who gains special abilities through the friendly help of Gray, but after discovering the secrets hidden under the exchange, he fights to drive them out. Meanwhile, hidden secrets between his planet Asirma and Gray are revealed one by one.

What do yall think of the Project Gray prototype gameplay? Does it look interesting coming from a solo dev so far? Would you play it or are interested in helping out on the title? Let us know down below.

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