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Many of you may not have heard of Splash Damage, a UK studio that has worked on a major franchise – Gears of War – with their game, Gears Tactics. They have also developed a first-person shooter called Brink, which unfortunately cannot be downloaded anymore. At the Game Awards, they announced their latest project – Transformers: Reactivate. However, they have now revealed a new game called Project Astrid, which is a departure from their usual offerings. Check out the first trailer below as we introduce this exciting new project.

Project Astrid is the next game by Splash Damage and it’s being developed with Sacriel and Shroud. They are both well-known streamers involved in the project as Executive Creators. It seems they had their own ideas for a game and the studio that was in the best place to complement them and were also thinking of similar mechanics was Splash Damage. The trailer ends with the information to sign up to get updates. If this interests you, then you can sign up here.

What Exactly is Project Astrid

The first thing we know is it’s a survival game. So some may think will it compete with one of the best in Sons of The Forest which had an incredible launch. As we watch more of the announcement we see nothing on the game, where it’s set, or any details, just the working title. It seems like it’s going to be a shooter or have a lot of gunplay and it’s open world. It does appear from listening to the details in the video they feel it’s an ambitious project. Hopefully, we hear more soon on this.

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