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First and foremost, I am not an economist, or financial guru, nor do I run a billion-dollar company. But I’m a consumer and more importantly, I’m a person. The gaming industry has had thousands of layoffs and a bunch of studio closures. It makes no sense outside of the goal to make more money than the year before, and it’s cancerous. Yes, development costs more, and trends have changed. But this is a race to the bottom where the very people who literally create the games that made the video game industry as profitable as it is are not secure in their jobs.

This art form is being peeled like string cheese for percentage growth on what the average person would consider an infinite amount of money. To constantly show off record growth while laying off people… for more profit has to be a broken system. Record-breaking growth is celebrated while developers face layoffs. This relentless focus on financial gain is unsustainable and detrimental to the very art it claims to promote.

Yes, I understand a business’s purpose is to make a profit, yes I understand money makes the world go round, yes I understand that these companies owe no one anything. But when do the humans who sit on these boards and committees that are the human element of these entities begin to care? Is it easy for me to sit here with my small site and wag my digital finger at some of the wealthiest companies on Earth… yes. But damn at what point does the number that represents the people negatively impacted by these layoffs and closures strike a chord with the people shepherding the company.

Award-winning game and new IP with the potential to branch off into other media led to a studio being closed. If an award-winning game-producing studio can be closed after announcing record-breaking profits then what is the point?

Profits Over People, But Hey We Made More Than Yesterday

How do you convince the future to go into the video game industry when there is no inkling of stability? It’s wild that to the general consumer, gaming is great, there are new titles being released all the time. The world keeps spinning but the lifeblood of the industry has to be running at an all-time low. But profits and player bases are up and we have a slew of upcoming titles to look forward to.

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