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If there had not been reporting about several issues with a Post Apocalyptic title we could very well have been playing a game that was by Fntastic. This game was set to have launched several weeks ago. Today we know they have issues regarding the name. So with all trailers by the developer being pulled for a trademark claim, we don’t know where it stands. Basically, the game is in a bit of a mess as we’ve seen. Though if the genre interests you then fear not we have an alternative solution. The game is called Postfrost.

It is by a developer called Keyplay Studios. It’s one of two games on the way. The other is a game where you play couriers trying to deliver cargo to hard-to-reach destinations. That is Across the Wilds. These are the studio’s first two games so it may explain why the name is not familiar to you. Postfrost is the focus today and we have a rough window of 2024 so it’s likely some time off.

Postfrost And What To Expect

This game I have a feeling many of you reading will never have heard of. Understandable, as I was in the same situation until a few days ago. So let’s look at the Steam listing and see what we can tell you about this upcoming title. If after all this, the game interests you, you can wish list it on Steam as well. The listing tells us we can encounter survivors, all with strengths and weaknesses and it’s with these alliances that need to be formed. So “you and your friends will have to work together to brave the harsh winter conditions and fight off dangerous enemies to survive”. As for the game’s features

  • Split up with friends into roles to facilitate survival in a multiplayer journey through the game’s world;
  • Each player has a companion. This is a dog that will help you survive the harsh low-temperature environment and keep you company in single-player play;
  • Extensive customization of the character and your dog will allow you to choose the best equipment and appearance;
  • A harsh world shrouded in gloom and cold, constant temperature drops, hunger, marauders and more you can meet on your way;
  • A constantly changing world: weather, migration of animals, periodic waves of cold exhausting the world and destroying all life;
  • Cities, the last echoes of civilization. The Ark, where all people aspire to. Each city is unique in its own way: its resources, its rules, its factions. It’s up to you to decide who you go with next.

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