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Wrestling is a worldwide sensation that is enjoyed the world over by many fans. Stemming across all forms of entertainment and backgrounds. Many celebrities and personalities make their way to the ring in one form or fashion. With the newest DLC pack superstar, Post Malone joins WWE 2K24 roster to bring the heat as the newest addition.

That’s right the “Sunflower” mega star himself will be debuting in the game. Having worked on the game as a soundtrack producer and even contributing his own songs, his love for the ring is no surprise. He will be the headliner for the DLC pack “Post Malone and Friends” pack. Alongside him will include other legends Like the Honky Tonk Man, The Headbangers, Sensational Sherri and more!

In collaboration with the 2K team, he was active in the designing of his in-game counterpart. If you want to play as Post Malone you can purchase it individually, or included for owners of the season pass.

For those who don’t own it yet, The WWE 2K24 Standard Edition, Deluxe Edition, and Forty Years of WrestleMania Edition will all be on sale on Steam for 34% off, June 27 through July 11, 2024. So tell us you ready to rumble now that Post Malone joins WWE 2K24 along with some other icons? Or is it not really your thing, let us know down below.

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