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Revised console releases are not uncommon and we’ve seen last gen go one step further. Both Sony and Microsoft as we know upgraded their hardware. Microsoft gave us a Xbox One S, as well as the 4K capable Xbox One X. Sony, updated their hardware with the PlayStation 4 Pro. Rumours have circulated of similar this gen with the PlayStation 5 slim.

If we follow on from a Tech Radar claim, it’s more a case of when not if. They open their article with the following paragraph

The potential launch of a PS5 Slim is bound to appear to players who have been put off by the size of the standard console, but Slim consoles are essentially a cost-cutting alternative alongside a more attractive option. As manufacturing costs wane and more efficient parts become available, the possibility of a smaller PS5 that costs less while delivering the same experience may be coming sooner than we think.

Tech Radar on the slim version of Sony’s current hardware

Tech Radar suggests Sony has already started this. They have internally it seems trimmed down the digital console internally. They state that the newer models of the digital edition “CFI-1100B, is a whopping 300 grams lighter than the launch model was, and Sony even decided to change the screw that comes with the PS5’s stand, too. This revised console also has a redesigned heatsink, which resulted in a lighter system”. However none of this guarantees a PlayStation 5 Slim

Further On A PlayStation 5 Slim

According to DualShockers, the console has actually been leaked. The article opens with three points that tell us images of the unit have leaked online. The image matches reports of the console having a detachable disc drive and coming with a USB-C port. It is reported it’s 5cm shorter than the existing model and offers two USB-C ports on the front with no changes to internal hardware. Here is a look at the supposed new console. All of this is thanks to Andrew Marmo on Twitter/X. He lists his source here.

This could be the most credible look at the slim model. However, this is still all unconfirmed and just a rumor at this stage. So take this information lightly until we receive an official announcement from Sony.

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