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LV1 Gaming made its way to PAX West 2023 and had the opportunity to interview the developer of Pizza Bandit. Developed and published by Jofsoft this game looks to take bullet hell to a new level. This title is not a tactical or military-style shooter. Movement and dodging are a few of the core keys to survival in Pizza Bandit. And of course, shooting the hordes of monsters before they can destroy you.

Pizza Bandit is a high-octane 1-4 player co-op TPS. It isn’t a tactical shooter nor military-style combat that rely on tactical maneuvers around environmental covers. You’ll find yourself executing precision shots and deadly blows while rolling and dodging attacks from horde of enemies.

Official Steam Page

Key Features

  • Third-person action game
  • 1-4 player co-op with a variety of missions
  • Wide range of weapons and upgrades
  • High-octane combat where Precision shots and brutal hammer blows make quick work of hordes of enemies
  • Strategic use of weapons and Problem-solving
  • Quick reflexes and Diverse challenges
  • 20 missions with 3~5 difficulty levels each
  • Continual addition of new missions after release
  • At least 24 guns and 10 consumables
  • Ability to upgrade weapons with various mods

Pizza Bandit Gameplay & Developer Interview

This game’s title is one of the most intriguing I’ve heard in a long time. It also has its origins in a previous Jofsoft game mission involving pizza delivery. Aside from the cool name, this game has a AAA look despite being created by an indie team. The environment is extremely detailed, and the combat appears to be non-stop chaotic fun. Pizza Bandit has no official release date, but you can wishlist it on Steam right now.

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