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After several years away, EA is finally returning to the fairways. That means the return of the EA Sports PGA Tour. We’ve not seen a new entry in the franchise for close to a decade. Rory McIlroy PGA Tour launched in 2015 and EA pulled it from stores in 2018. The new game was at the time of writing due out weeks ago for early access and for everyone else Friday, March 24th. Sadly the game received a delay. Thankfully the delay wasn’t extremely long. The early access which you get as part of the deluxe edition is on the 4th of April. For everyone else, it comes out on the 7th of April. The game also features the iconic Augusta course which is home to The Masters. That tournament is also in the game and the 2023 tournament starts the week the game launches and runs 6th -the 9th of April.

So what about when you get the game and want to complete every trophy and every achievement? Some want to unlock everything and some games are easier than others. For example, Tchia and Hogwarts Legacy require some grinding, and in games like Life Is Strange it’s a much easier objective to achieve. So for those grabbing PGA Tour in April, how easy it is to achieve all there is to achieve 1000g or the platinum trophy?

PGA Tour In 2023 -Easy To Fully Complete Or Not?

Some sports titles were also hard to complete everything. Thankfully EA’s return to the tee is a little less strenuous. Exophase has a list of the PlayStation trophies and it’s a more possible 100%. Though we may have some that could be slightly harder than others which I’ll list below.

  • Ace in the Hole – Record a hole-in-one
  • Holey Moley – Hole out from at least 100 yards away
  • Bomb’s Away – Hit a drive over 400 yards
  • From Way Downtown – Make a putt over 50 ft.

For those who will put some serious time into the game, these should be achievable. Like in a real round of golf, that ace-in-the-hole trophy will be the hardest of all.

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