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We are close to the launch of the return of golf to the EA Sports roster. After a few bumps along the way and a recent delay, we are about two weeks from launch. Depending on which edition you get it launches either the 4th of April or the 7th of April. We know from the trophies there’s an online competition, however, if you just want to spend time solo play playing golf, what major options are left available to you? One option is a career mode that fans of sports games seem to enjoy. FIFA has one for example that is played a lot by its players. In this mode, you either build up a pro player as you work your way through their career or you can manage a club and its fortunes. Now EA has given some information on the PGA Tour Career Mode.

It doesn’t seem like we’re managing golfers. Though if I’m honest I would never have expected that as it’s never been a feature in the series. I’ve only ever seen one game ever have that has that mode and that was many years ago. As for the PGA Tour Career Mode let’s look at the new trailer which can be seen below.

PGA Tour Career Mode – What We Can Expect

Naturally, we design a golfer and customize how they look. Not only that we have to choose their swing animation and swing tempo. We can also choose a preferred shot shape. This has an effect on the ball trajectory post-swing. We can choose a different outfit for each round of a tournament as well. After all, you don’t see Tiger Woods not change his outfit from round one to round 4. Though that’s not all, do you want to start as an amateur and work up? Or are you jumping straight into the PGA Tour. You can do the Korn Ferry tour to earn that PGA tour place. This is just a taster to what you have but we see we can earn XP to develop our golfer. Will you be teeing off when PGA Tour Golf hits?

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