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The upcoming co-op heist game Payday 3 will require an internet connection for single-player, developer Starbreeze has confirmed. This online requirement has upset some fans who prefer to play solo offline. The source of this information is legitimate and be found in a live stream on youtube posted by Push Square.

Almir Listo, Payday 3’s community manager, revealed the always-online stipulation during a recent live stream. He stated that even solo players will need an internet connection “because it’s made in Unreal Engine, it’s using cross-progression, crossplay.”

Many fans have expressed disappointment with this news on Reddit and other forums. Some players do not have reliable internet access. Others simply prefer to play single-player games offline, without needing servers.

Will This Online Required Hurt Payday 3

An online requirement prevents play when servers go down. This was infamously seen in Gran Turismo 7 earlier this year. That game features a full solo campaign, making the issue more problematic.

Payday 3 is primarily designed as a co-op experience. So the online stipulation may be less disruptive than in GT7. However, fans of solo play have valid concerns. Especially those with unreliable internet connections.

The game will support cross-play across platforms. Xbox Game Pass subscribers can try Payday 3 online when it launches. But offline fans have lost a desired feature.

What do you think about requiring an internet connection for solo play? Does this affect your interest in Payday 3? Let us know in the comments.

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