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Today via Reddit, Square Enix & People Can Fly issued an update in regards to Outriders players who had previously had their inventory wiped. As a bit of an apology, according to the post players have a chance to have better gear now than they did before. The Reddit post reads as followed:

Hello everyone,

With the patch having successfully deployed and continuing to prevent any further complete inventory wipes (thank you again for your patience), we are now setting our sights on the following.

Please note that the tl;dr’s provided here include only top level details. The linked threads include a lot more in-depth information that we would recommend reviewing if you have any further questions.INDEX:

  • Inventory Restoration Details: (Click Here)
    • Tl;dr: We’re aiming to restore as many lost items and accolades as possible. Restored items will be god rolls. Characters encountering the “Couldn’t Connect to Server” login error will no longer encounter this error once restoration is complete. Restoration testing is currently underway and we aim to provide an exact schedule for completed restorations ASAP.
    • We strongly recommend reviewing the dedicated thread (LINK) for this matter as it contains a lot more information and explanations that are too complex to be included in a Tl;dr.
  • Community Appreciation Packages: (Click Here)
    • Tl;dr: Will be granted to all players after the Inventory Restoration has been completed.
  • Stadia Development News: (Click Here)
    • Tl;dr: We are working to bring Stadia in line with other platforms, with an initial patch releasing in the week of April 26.
  • Other news:
    • Moar patches:
      • Our team is continuing to work hard on upcoming patches to address a variety of bugs and performance improvements as well as a few other things. More news on these soon.
    • Balancing:
      • As an additional small note, we haven’t forgotten your feedback on previous balance changes and are working on a post to provide more background on past changes and our overall balancing plans for the game. We will share an update with you in the near future.

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