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A new horror game called Operation Dead Man offers a chilling twist on the Covid-19 pandemic. Set in an alternate 2020 where quarantines fail and the world descends into chaos, players will battle zombies and fight to survive the downfall of civilization. The trailer caught my attention and was found in a upcoming game compilation. The video comes courtesy of GameV.

Developed for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation, Operation Dead Man aims to provide a cinematic, AAA-quality single-player and co-op experience. The game features large-scale maps and environments that visually decay into a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

According to the Steam description, “Operation Dead Man takes place in an alternate timeline of events dating back to the lockdown of 2020. However, this time the world and the infection has taken a turn for the worst.” Players take part in a “failed attempt at containment” as the infection spreads rapidly worldwide.

Operation Dead Man Release Info

The developer’s goal is to create a game that will stand the test of time and be loved by gamers for generations. While an official release date has not been announced, the listing as an early access title suggests we may not see Operation Dead Man until 2024 or beyond.

With its intense survival horror gameplay and gritty, pandemic-driven narrative, Operation Dead Man aims to capture the terror of watching society crumble under the weight of an unstoppable viral outbreak. Players must scavenge weapons and resources while following orders and building a squad to take down the infected hordes.

For fans of zombie games and terrifying post-apocalyptic settings, Operation Dead Man presents a thrilling new survival experience. As we await more details on specific platforms, release timing, and PC requirements, hordes of gamers can look forward to battling a viral apocalypse gone terribly wrong when this ambitious horror title launches.

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