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It would be a false statement if I said I did not see this coming. As gamers, we have become comfortable with games being $59.99. It has been this way for a while and quite frankly we are okay with it. However, it seems as if as we move into the next generation with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X we are going to have to get used to a new price.
Today 2K has revealed the pricing for NBA 2k21. For the standard edition on Xbox One, Ps4, Nintendo Switch, PC, & Stadia the game will cost $59.99. The Mamba Forever Edition for the same platforms will cost $99.99. These prices are the current normal and what players are used to. However, if you plan on playing NBA 2k21 on your brand new Xbox Series X and/or PlayStation 5 you will be paying a bit more. The standard edition for next-generation will be$69.99 and the Mamba Forever Edition will cost $99.99. This is the first sign that prices are going up. This is a notion I have been okay with if it means the end of microtransactions and loot boxes. The latter is not going away anytime soon although it seems like we will be paying a premium for the next generation. It has been over a decade since we have had a price change in video games so it’s not a shock that this may be happening. And I emphasize “MAY”because this may as well just be a 2K price adjustment. However, my suggestion is for players to ready themselves for a massive shift. Stand games being $69.99 plus DLC.

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