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If you are interested in competitive gaming, especially at the collegiate level. You should definitely check out the MTN DEW Real Change Challenge. This is an exciting esports tournament that will feature Historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) playing Call of Duty. Through this tournament, MTN DEW, Twitch, and Cxmmunity aim to give HBCU gamers exposure. Along with mentorship, resources, and funding they need to develop and thrive in the esports industry.

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So, from January to February 2023, regional competitions for the Real Change Challenge were held to determine the final four teams that would compete in the Ultimate Game. Finals for this year’s Ultimate Game tournament will be played on February 25th. Four teams will be competing for a total of $200,000 in prize money. Anyone who shows up to this live event will be entered into a raffle for a HyperX Cloud Alpha Headset. Moreover, this event will take place at, The Atrium in Atlanta, GA starting at 9:30 AM EST and is open to the public. Also, make sure to RSVP here for your free tickets!

When companies work together, like with the Mountain Dew Real Change Challenge, they can make gaming and esports more welcoming to people of all backgrounds. MTN DEW is helping to level the esports playing field. Also, empowering the next generation of gamers by supporting them through resources and mentorship. The players and the spectators can expect a fantastic evening of competition. This is big thanks to the prize pool and the HyperX Cloud Alpha Headsets that will be raffled away.

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