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Set in a medieval world where sorcery exists and kings rule the lands. One monarch’s lust for power led to a Monster Outbreak that destroyed a kingdom. You take on the role of the last surviving royal guard who must figure out a way to survive and end the monster swarms. Monster Outbreak is developed by GameMunchers, published by Freedom Games, and is available now via Steam.

More Than Your Average Tower Defense

I have to be honest I usually avoid tower defense titles they are simply not my jam. But, what immediately grabbed my attention with Monster Outbreak is resource harvesting and crafting. One of the first mission areas has you defending a mine shaft from waves of monsters. The mine shaft is on an island surrounded by trees and stone. Now, these are the two core resources needed to build all of the basics.

Side note, bless the developers for not adding durability to the core tools/weapons and giving them to you from the very beginning. Also, they are awesome for making them all weapons as well.

Back to the gameplay, the island has enough of the core resources to build up a variety of weapons. Such as crossbow turrets, fences, pit traps, and a few more defenses. Now on top of setting up defenses and hoping it is enough, you will be able to move around the map and actually fight the monsters as they spawn. You have access to a bow, axe, sword, or hammer, and each one has its own special attack.

Monster Outbreak Has A Bit Of A Learning Curve

Honestly, I got obliterated by the first boss fight against the Slime King. This monstrous blob destroyed all of my traps and beat me down so fast it was made into a TikTok.


So Slime King Is Strong Game-#MonsterOutbreak #FreedomGames @freedomgamesgg

♬ original sound – Lv1 Gaming

Seriously though there is no such thing as too many defenses so make sure to go overboard. I clearly paid the price for being frugal with my resources. Saving for a rainy day, that showed up in the form of a hard-hitting Slime King that sent my base back to the stone ages.

Is Monster Outbreak worth checking out? Absolutely if you are into tower defense and resource management. This game is definitely up your alley and has the potential to keep your attention for hours. Seriously had a good time getting beat up by waves of monsters and I usually avoid defense titles. Monster Outbreak is available now for $14.99 via Steam and currently has an overall Mixed review rating.

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