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Fans of Street Fighter 6 got good news today with the game’s most recent update. The new character pack confirms the return of the notorious M. Bison to the franchise. According to the game’s Wikipedia entry, he is a “self-imposed dictator and megalomaniac seeking world domination”. You can also watch the official trailer and find more details about the new content below.

The Street Fighter 6 M. Bison Patch Notes

First of all, we have the new content and updates that coincide with the release of M. Bison.

World Tour

M. Bison’s Master Missions added

Fighting Ground

M. Bison’s story added to Arcade Mode


Shop now includes M. Bison’s Outfit 2, plus Outfit 1 colors 3-10

Additional Features/Updates

  • Players can now audibly gear up for battle by selecting to play specific sounds from past Street Fighter™ titles when pre-match Challenger Screens appear
  • When viewing Replays, “1.1x” and “1.2x” playback speed options will now be available, as well as a “Rewind Frame” option (only usable when paused)
  • When a Critical Art can be used, the player’s health bar will now flash
  • Added a shortcut to start Training Mode in the Main Menu
  • In Versus mode, select “Change Match Settings” in the Match Result menu to reset the win/loss record for offline matches/tournaments

He is also available today, and to unlock him, you need to own the Year 2 Character/Ultimate Pass. You can also purchase M. Bison separately for 350 Fighter Coins. This includes Outfit 1, as well as Colors 1 and 2. It’s been a while since we mentioned this iconic franchise here on the site, but you can check out our coverage of the most recent commentator added to Street Fighter 6. As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this.

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