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Gearbox Entertainment just launched their Borderlands spin-off, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. A popular title with fans and critics alike, even with its controversial upgrade path. However, Gearbox have been busy with other projects including a studio acquisition. This follows on the heels of Gearbox joining the Embracer group last year. The studio in this acquisition is the Lost Boys adding around 220 more staff to Gearboxes about 1100 people.

Gearbox Entertainment founder Randy Pitchford said of the purchase.

Lost Boys Interactive is an incredible studio with industry-leading talent that continue to push the bar higher for what gamers expect from their favorite franchises.

I am excited for Chase, Rod, Shaun, Mark and my old friend Tim, along with all of the incredible talent at Lost Boys, to have an immediate and positive impact on the games secretly in development at Gearbox Software. I am also eager to empower this amazing team to provide their world-class development services to partners and allies throughout the larger game industry.

Gearbox founder Randy Pitchford

Lost Boys the Latest in The Gearbox Family

It’s not a name that instantly catches your eye but you may recognize some of their work. Lost Boys contributed to Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, WWE 2K22, and Call of Duty. They will remain independent but contribute to other future Gearbox releases.

Shaun Nivens, the studio’s CEO and co-founder had this to say.

We founded Lost Boys with a dream to work on products that would be globally recognised and loved.

We’re incredibly excited to join Gearbox and continue doing what we do best – making amazing games that entertain and inspire others.

Shaun Nivens, the studio’s CEO and co-founder

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