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Developer Atomic Wolf and Publisher Walkabout Games have proudly announced that the Nintendo Switch pre-orders for Liberated: Enhanced Edition will start on 17th November. This will including the digital version on Nintendo eShop as well as the limited physical edition by PIXELHEART. The digital edition is scheduled to release on December 3rd, 2020, with the boxed edition to follow soon. The digital edition pre-order comes with a 20% discount from the $19.99 official price. During the pre-order phase, and until the release, the owners of the standard edition will be able to upgrade for free to the Enhanced Edition. You can also pick the game up on GOG, Steam, and Humble Bundle right now! Put on your mask and burn the world in an adventure shooter inside a paperback comic. Every “BLAM!” you take, and every “AARGH!” you make, fuel the fires of a cyberpunk revolution. Burn the system down, and fight the power… then swap places to crush the rebellion! Liberated is an action-adventure game set in a noir cyberpunk world, with memorable and detailed presentation within a realistic comic book style. Highly acclaimed by the Nintendo press, the game takes the player to a world inspired by iconic dystopian novels and movies. Fuel the fires of a cyberpunk revolution by jumping, sneaking, solving puzzles, and shooting. Liberated: Enhanced Edition will include 2 additional story DLCs, full English voice-over, and gameplay enhancements. It will be also available in a limited physical edition published in cooperation with PIXELHEART

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