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Recently I talked about some under-the-radar upcoming horrors. When browsing Facebook one store had an advert featuring some games out now and coming soon. A couple caught my eye that I wasn’t overly too familiar with. The one I want to talk about here is one which could possibly fit into the walking simulator genre. Although it may be one with some horror undertones. So let’s introduce to you Last Day’s Of Lazurus.

From Steam and the trailer from one of the developers Darkania Woods, we get a better look at the game. Let’s look first of all at the trailer below.

Though for the details on the game according to Steam we see the following

The disturbing story of a broken family

Set in post-soviet Eastern Europe, Last Days of Lazarus tells the story of a troubled man, long estranged, returning to his childhood home after his mother’s death to spend some time with his sister Lyudmila. But as the country around him seems to fall apart, so does reality itself, with a series of unexplainable events leading him on a quest to find out more about his family’s disturbing past.

The supernatural bleeds into a post-communist nightmare

Last Days of Lazarus is a first-person adventure game with a strong narrative and rich visuals drawing its inspiration from the post soviet era with a Gothic vibe and supernatural elements. As the story unravels, you’ll meet questionable characters whose corrupted version of the truth you’ll need to navigate. With a troubled past yourself, you’ll struggle not only with solving the mysteries laid upon you but also with keeping alive any sliver of hope for salvation.

Real-life influences and beliefs

Inspired by our country’s history and locations, Last Days of Lazarus tells a story filled with supernatural elements of local belief, laid upon communist and post-communist struggles. In a sick society where everyone cares only about themselves and their survival, can family bonds still be upheld and cherished? And with so much propaganda and superstitions, can level-headed thinking still be achieved?

Last Days of Lazarus Release Details

So the good news if you’re interested the game launched last year. Steam got the game in the Summer. In October it launched for Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 got the game a month later. Sadly there is no release listed for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. The publisher and co-developer GrimTalin posted some screens as well.

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