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Lance Reddick is a name you should know due to his vast array of TV and film credits to his name. These include The Wire, Lost, John Wick, and the recent Netflix live-action TV series of Resident Evil. He’s also known to gamers as he’s in Quantum Break for one but also the Horizon games. For gamers he is likely most famous for his role in the Destiny franchise where he plays Commander Zavala.

Sadly, Lance Reddick passed away at age of 60. This sad news hasn’t gone amiss with fans of Destiny as they’ve decided as a community to honor him in their own way as one of their own.

How Destiny Players Remembered Lance Reddick

Players of the popular online game Destiny logged in and headed to the tower where players will find Commander Zavala. They paid a silent tribute to one of the key people involved in the game. Fans also hope Bungie does something as well to further immortalize the character. If we look on Reddit we see the love for him. He not only voiced a part but played the game as well. Here are some examples of fans thoughts:

I’m hoping Bungie implements a permanent memorial into the game in some way to remember Lance. He wasn’t just a VA for the commander, but he was a player like us as well.

Maybe they can make a memorial to his guardian since he played the game?”l

We also have a statement from Bungie.

This and many others shared on IGN. VGC also published the statement from Guerrilla Games.

Thank you, Lance Reddick, for everything you’ve brought to the character of Sylens, for sharing y our infinite talent and wisdom with us, for your generous warmth and inimitable presence, and for your profound impact not just as part of our cast, but on our community. We were deeply honored to work with you. You will be missed. We extend our most heartfelt condolences to his loved ones.

There will be another expansion due out. We know if Sylens was to feature in this or not. However, I won’t be surprised if the character or the talented actor is remembered in some way or another.

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