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One game that may have slipped your radar is one that debuted in early 2017. The game in question is Parabole’s Kona, a narrative adventure. If you’re unfamiliar with the game, here’s a quick rundown. It takes place in 1970s Northern Canada in the Atamipek Lake area. The area has been affected by an unusual blizzard. You play a detective whose duty is to tour the community and uncover what happened while surviving the elements. As it is, we have a narrative thriller survival game. However, if you enjoy games like Firewatch or Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, this may be a game for you. The original trailer can be seen here. However, They recently announced a sequel after 6 years.

Kona 2 Brume will feel like at home for fans of the original game. According to the game’s main website, we are still in 1970 and in Northern Québec. A strange mist known as the Brume is affecting a mining community. The Brume has disconnected it from “its quiet reality” and damaged “nature’s balance.” However, no one knows where it is coming from. According to the game’s description:

Step back into the role of Detective Carl Faubert and dive deeper into the surreal mysteries of Kona.

Make your trek through the snowy landscapes of Northern Canada and discover that you are not entirely alone. Find other stranded people – both victims and survivors of a devastating avalanche – and uncover the hidden dark truth of the Brume.

Kona 2 – Features And Release Information

So let’s take a look at the game’s features.

  • Explore – Explore the vast fictive land of Manastan in Northern Canada and fight through the village – or what’s left of it. Search for clues in wooden shacks, visit nearby locations on your trusty dog sled, and navigate the surrounding lakes.
  • Investigate – Follow your clues and findings very carefully. Consult Carl Faulbert’s Journal and put your detective skills to the test. Can you piece together the mystery behind the brume?
  • Survive – The Brume is relentless: a bitter cold blizzard, dangerous wildlife, and troubling nightmares. Prepare to survive against all odds.
  • Experience – A rich story unfolds with every step you take. Find and inspect objects, letters and documents, while an omniscient storyteller narrates your journey in Manastan.

However, we can also confirm the release info. Therefore this release adds to the Autumn / Fall period as we see from the trailer below.

Of course it’s releasing in the already pacl month of October. At the time of writing we are only a few days away as it’s set to launch on 18th October. It will be launching on all consoles as well as Steam and will cost $29.99.

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