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One problem that plagues the Switch is the Joy-Con Drift. And it seems in Europe at least it is getting looked at more in-depth. But for the UK-based gamers, it may not benefit them due to Brexit.

The Switch has been a huge success for Nintendo both with the original model and the Switch Lite. Except it has one concerning the issue which is rarely discussed by Nintendo, the Joy-Con drift. In the US, lawsuits have been filed but gamers get a no-questions-asked free repair policy. Take the UK as a further example it depends on who you speak to how much after service you get.

Now the BEUC and its members have taken complaints on board and submitted them to the European Commission and various consumer protection authorities. They even used Animal Crossing to highlight the issue,

The BEUC feels that all Joy-Cons:
“should be repaired for free and consumers should be properly informed about the limited lifespan of this product”

For some, buying a new set of Joy-Cons isn’t an option. For example what if you bought a special edition, like the upcoming Mario Red and Blue edition.

This is more of an issue in the UK as some Joy-Cons are out of warranty and being repaired and some gamers told are asked to pay more than the cost of new Joy-Cons themselves. Monique Goyens, the Director-General of the BEUC feels all repairs if there are technical defects, should be free.

Consumers assume the products they buy to last an appropriate amount of time according to justified expectations, not to have to pay for expensive replacements due to a technical defect. Nintendo must now come up with proper solutions for the thousands of consumers affected by this problem.

If you are in the UK, any ruling made may not be of any benefit to you. This is because the UK left the EU on 1st January this year.

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