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Jeff Ross has been all over the news recently. For those unaware, he was a Game Director for Bend Studio who made the recent open-world zombie title Days Gone. He has recently spoken up on the game and the drama behind it.

Bend Studio and Jeff Ross didn’t get a chance to make a sequel to the game. It was deemed a failure by Sony however a strange thing is how has it been since its launch. From launch to his departure Days Gone sold over 8 million copies on PlayStation and over a million more on PC. At CES 2022, Ghost of Tsushima was praised for the 8 million sales. even though the time period for both was pretty much the same.

What’s Next?

As we know Sony rejected the chance of a sequel that Jeff Ross put forward. Allegedly, He was then asked if there were any other IP titles they would be willing to look at bringing to a new era. Naturally Syphon Filter was brought up by Sony but Ross declined that suggestion. He spoke about this in an interview with David Jaffe. He said he didn’t know how to approach that.

“I have zero ideas on how to reboot Syphon Filter. I was not interested in that at all.”

Jeff Ross

Ross preferred to work on another title which was Resistance. It is a franchise developed by Insomniac with a trilogy on the PlayStation 3 and 2 spin-off games for the PS Vita and the PSP. Resistance: Retribution for the PSP was developed by Bend Studios and Ross was one of the writers. He stated he was very interested in bringing that franchise into an open-world setting. His thoughts on the matter were

“We have all these open world loops that we figured out and it almost wrote itself with Resistance. There were so many aspects of that property that kind of lent itself to open world gameplay.”

Jeff Ross

But ultimately Sony allegedly rejected this proposal as well. It seems at this point both IPs are not going to be moving forward. We know at this time Insomniac are focused on Spiderman 2 and their upcoming Wolverine game. However, it’s your thoughts we love to hear so please let us know your take on this story.

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