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After a minor delay, we are close to the launch of Respawn’s sequel to Jedi Fallen Order. Jedi Survivor is on the way and Cal Kestis and his faithful companion, BD-1 arrive on the 28th of April. We may see more of Cal and his droid companion in the future. However, that is certainly the wish of Stig Asmussen the game’s director. Though for now the focus is on the present and that is picking up Cal’s story just a few years after the event seen in Fallen Order. If you haven’t played that yet, it really is an excellent game and worthy of a place in the Star Wars universe.

Talking about the story of Cal Kestis, that’s the focus of the recent Jedi Survivor news. We have just had a new trailer drop for the game. So nicely in time for the game launch on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5. Sadly this is not coming to the last gen hardware. So it means for those waiting for this on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 you’ll, unfortunately, miss out. So the new trailer shows off a stunning return for Cal in the official story trailer seen below.

Where Cal Takes Us In Jedi Survivor

The trailer starts with Cal in a bit of a predicament with what looks like him trying and failing not to be sucked out of a ship’s window. Cal himself says “it’s been a long five years”. So presumably those five years between this and the end of Fallen Order have not been a feet-up resting scenario. People have apparently tried to resist but the galaxy is now fuelled with “fear and mistrust”. We are also very much in the era of the empire. Thought next month no doubt we’ll find out so much more.

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