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Being 100% honest and transparent, at one point I did not believe this game was real. Hypercharge: Unboxed had me at hello. Everything about this game when I first saw it on TikTok screamed this was something I wanted to play. And with me being impatient, I lost faith in Digital Cybercherries thinking it wouldn’t release or that the release is extremely far out. Luckily for me, I was wrong. Let’s live out one of our childhood dreams and review Hypercharge: Unboxed.

What Is Hypercharge: Unboxed?

Hypercharge: Unboxed, developed by the British indie studio Digital Cybercherries, transports you into a world where action figures come to life, defending their existence against the nefarious forces of Major Evil. Joined by the fearless Sgt. Max Ammo, you’ll lead the defense against relentless waves of hostile, animated toys hell-bent on making humans forget their cherished playthings. Hypercharge: Unboxed draws inspiration from beloved classics like Toy Story and Small Soldiers, this cooperative shooter invites you to experience the magic of playtime from a whole new perspective.

In Hypercharge: Unboxed, you’ll assume the role of an action figure that you are able to customize, tasked with safeguarding the Hypercore – a central object that represents the very essence of childhood imagination.

Hypercharge: Unboxed

Location Location Location

In Hypercharge: Unboxed you will be engaged in battles across familiar domestic and retail environments, from cozy bedrooms and cluttered garages to whimsical toy stores and lush gardens. This is a key element to the fun of the game. Being able to traverse a bathroom sink to be able to jump across to the bathtub to protect a Hypercore on paper sounds wild, but to actually do it is cool.

During my time playing Red vs Blue, the PVP portion of the game, the playground map is one of my personal favorites. Being in control of a jetpack while on this map will allow you to the a lot of damage if you are skilled enough.

Hypercharge: Unboxed PVP

Speaking of Red vs Blue, here is an area that could get some mixed feelings from players. At the moment Hypercharge: Unboxed does not have any sort of leaderboard system. And from how it sounds at the moment this is something that will never be added to the game. This means there is no need to focus on your K/D as the goal is just to simply win and have.

This style of game pays tribute to the golden era of action shooters that focuses on the core fun of just playing to have a good time. With that there will be a lot of gamers who feel not having a leaderboard system or being able to track their kill-death ratio will take away the lore that comes with these sorts of games. Even with fun being a key element from the devs, some gamers while playing will always have the feeling that something important is missing.

Hypercharge: Unboxed

Hypercharge: Unboxed Back to Basics

One of the primary goals of Hypercharge: Unboxed is to embrace a back-to-basics approach, stripping away the complexities and monetization models that often overshadow modern gaming experiences. Its gameplay is intentionally streamlined, this is so that it can try to provide pure fun without the distractions of season passes, in-game purchases, and battle passes.

Many gamers will be happy to know that if you purchase Hypercharge, you get the entirety of the game. No need to spend money to unlock any gear, or maps in the game. Simply playing the game and completing missions you will be able to unlock everything in the game. This is something we rarely see in video games and it should be celebrated as being far from the norm.

Straight Out Of The Box

Visually, Hypercharge: Unboxed is great to look at. Playing as your customized action figure in these commonplace locations works very well. There is something awesome about having a shootout versus an alien invasion on top of a car in a garage that screams out to my inner child. These locations, like a bathroom, garage, and a park while simple locations look amazing and feel amazing to play on.

Each figurine, even down to the increasingly annoying army troopers seems to be ripped straight out of the head of a 10-year-old. That creativity is important here as this game’s look is important to its context. All that to say many will enjoy what the team is going for with level and character design.

Overall Hypercharge: Unboxed shouldn’t have an issue finding its core audience. Its developers are very active on social media which will be huge to draw in gamers. With the lack of modern online shooter “features” like leaderboards, DLC, and others, it’s going to be important to remind players of what makes Hypercharge: Unboxed unique which is just being fun.

Hypercharge: Unboxed










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