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One of the most surprising games revealed from the Xbox Bethesda Show was High on Life. An all-new wacky first-person shooter from Squanch Games, the studio of Co-Creator of Rick & Morty, Justin Roiland. The game looks and plays like a wild acid trip, and it promises a new story full of action, adventure, and humor.

High On Life

This Is Your Game On Drugs

An alien drug cartel invades Earth with the intent of enslaving humans and turning them into drugs for the aliens. It is up to you, a recent high school graduate armed with a slew of talking alien weapons, to foil their plot. Yes, you read that right. Talking alien guns! As a bounty hunter armed with the most vocally expressive firearms in video games, you’ll travel across many different planets and moons.

The High On Life trailer showed off a bizarre, drug-induced universe full of exciting creatures and people. The story seems unique and will most likely thrive off of Justin Roiland’s style of comedy and narrative made famous by Rick & Morty and Solar Opposites. The stars of the trailer have to be the Gatliens. Gatliens are talking alien guns that also provide different attack styles. Slime up your enemies or even use your children to shoot as deadly mines. The action will be over the top when the game releases on October 25. High On Life is coming to Xbox game pass on day one, and also releases for PC.   

Are you excited to play High On Life which will be a Game Pass day one release? Has Rick & Morty Co-Creator Justin Roiland created another world connected to his biggest franchise? Also, is this game a needle mover for Game Pass? In the meantime, leave a comment!! Follow us on Twitter at @Lv1Gaming and our Facebook page. Check out our YouTube channel for more content, and don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe. You can also follow me on Twitter @DaStoNerD to engage in more gaming conversations.

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