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The PlayStation 5 VR 2 headset has been released and is available for $549. Initial reviews of the headset have been positive, with some reviewers on YouTube also praising the device. One of my friends who purchased the headset has also expressed satisfaction with their new hardware.

Of course, any hardware is only as good as the games that are available for it. The VR 2 headset offers a range of new games, including Horizon Call of the Mountain, Kayak VR Mirage, No Man’s Sky, Gran Turismo 7, Cities Skylines, and Green Hell. This impressive lineup of games suggests that Sony has done an excellent job of providing support for their new hardware.

However, despite the positive reviews and impressive game lineup, not everyone is happy with the new VR 2 headset. Some critics have noted that the high price tag may put off potential buyers, while others have criticized the lack of backward compatibility with the previous PlayStation VR headset. Additionally, some players have reported experiencing motion sickness when using the device.

Overall, the PlayStation 5 VR 2 headset appears to be a fantastic piece of hardware with a strong selection of games. However, it may not be for everyone due to its high price and potential motion sickness issues. Nonetheless, it is a significant step forward in the development of virtual reality technology and will undoubtedly be enjoyed by many gamers around the world.

The PlayStation 5 VR 2 Headset – Why It’s Not All Joy

Thanks to Push Square for bringing attention to this issue. It appears that some users who purchased the headset at launch are experiencing difficulties. The headset’s lens has a sweet spot, which varies for each user depending on their vision, and finding it can be a challenge for both VR veterans and newcomers. According to the article, this is a common issue.

“While the resolution is pin-sharp when the headset’s worn properly, knocking it slightly off kilter can result in blurring, chromatic aberration, and an overall softness to the image. This can even occur in-game, as the sweet spot is so small even a tiny movement in physical games like Pistol Whip can ruin the image quality”.

Sammy Barker Push Square

So it’s possible that it’s a hardware issue; it’s not unheard of. But what are your thoughts? We’d love to hear your thoughts if you purchased the new VR headset.

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